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The firm's tax services include a wide variety of activities such as:

  • Tax planning advice for business operations
  • Assistance in complying with Federal, State, and Local tax reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Income, gift and estate tax planning for individuals.

Current tax laws are so complex that even clients with a highly sophisticated internal staff will seek the counsel of independent tax advisors to fully protect the interest of the owner or shareholder. Because of our comprehensive experience in serving a wide range of clients, we are frequently able to identify advantageous tax opportunities, as well as provide early warnings to potential tax problems.

The firm has extensive experience in the preparation of returns and other forms in compliance with Federal, State, and Local laws. We are frequently asked to represent clients in deliberations with tax authorities - including the preparation of protests for appeal of tax assessments.

The firm provides a wide range of financial planning services for clients who are executives and owners of closely held businesses. This includes planning for income taxes, estate liquidity, cash flow, insurance, retirement, and capital management.

With respect to estates and trusts, we often assist attorneys, trustees and executors in the administration of estate and trusts, and provide tax planning post-mortem and inter vivos. We also assist attorneys by preparing Federal estate tax and State inheritance tax returns and, when necessary, we prepare financial schedules for executors' or trustees' judicial or informal accounting.

In performing these services, we frequently make use of computerized projections to discover the consequences of alternative courses of action. My Staff and I constantly keep abreast of the latest developments in estate tax law and related income tax.


At TJ Megale & Associates, we assist the business owner or prospective business owner in all aspects of the business cycle. We get involved in business structure, financing, payroll and all types of relationships needed to launch or purchase a business.

We use our vast experience to aid the business owner in not only forming their business, but the necessay tools and solutions to get their particular venture past the planning stage.

We understand the many areas that need to be addressed when setting up or purchasing a business. We assist in making the right choices when starting up, in order to avoid potential errors and omissions.

This area is one we pride ourselves in separating ourselves from just being an accountant!

Let us help you in your future endeavors.


A portion of our professional practice is auditing services to small and mid size businesses. These services include testing and evaluating evidence to enable us to express an opinion on our client's financial statements.

Each audit is supervised by Mr. Megale who is responsible for its findings. Our approach to auditing emphasizes knowledge of the client's business, the prevailing conditions in the industry, the company's competitive position, and of the audit risk conditions in the client's business.

This insight permits us to concentrate on what is most important in conducting an effective and efficient audit. In conducting the audit, the firm applies a combination of analysis and testing, including specialized audit techniques, which, coupled with year-end verification procedures, enables us to express our opinion on the fairness of the financial statements.

Throughout the audit, we look for ways to improve the client's internal controls, operating efficiency and profitability. Recommendations for improvement are conveyed to the client.

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